Napster Homepage Napster seem to be outdated right now. and WinMX is what I use instead of it.

Nov 2001
Action News
Mixoftheweekīs Nr. 151 is classic House Music, I like it.
Adam F. - Dirty Harry Theme (Ganja Kru Remix).
Afroman - Cause I got high. Sounds like Black Frank Zappa and is in the Charts in Germany.
Dubtribe - Hold your Head up High and other songs with some rhythm.
Drahdiwaberl - Ausgeflippter Lodenfreak. This song was performed within one of the "Kottan ermittelt" Austrian TV Series early 80s. World famous Falco played bass guitar there. It is like The Tubes late 70s.
Primal Scream - Swastika Eyes. Iīve seen the Video on MTV or another TV Music Channel about 3 years ago.
Moloko - The Time Is Now (Matt Darey Vocal Mix).
Moloko - The Time Is Now (Francois K Mix).

Jurassic 5 is o.k. I heard "Action Satisfaction" as an instrumental track.
Pras - Blue Angels. Rap Remix of the first Song out of the Movie Grease late 70s. I canīt remember the original artist/title.

J Majic Remix - Kathy Brown - Love is not a game. The Original Song is more Disco, the J Majic Remix is House with some Drumnbass.
Alison Limerick - Where love lives.
Crystal Clear - Live your live.

Mix it with
JunkieXL - Zerotonine Extended Version.
Jamiroquai - Twentyzeroone 3:00

Somebody on Kazaa or WinMX labeled "The Knack - My Sharona" with "B52s My Sharonna". It really sounds like the B52s.
Jim Carrey as Vanilla Ice (Musicvideo).
Aphex Twins - Windowlicker (Musicvideo).

Unable to find
House - 12 till 8 - Big Audio Spidermite.
Ride the Storm - Non-Garage-Mix.

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