Napster Homepage February 2001
Titan - Elevator. I´ve seen the Video on MTV called "1,2,3,4" and it was nice, so I had enough brains to remember "Titan - Elevator". The First Song of that Album "Corazon" was very impressive and I didn´t knew that there is more. You know, most House Hits are One-Single things. If I listen to it, I do remember the first album of Big Audio Dynamite, favorite B-52s styles, Beastie Boys shuffle break and a little bit of Mr. Oizo.
Aquabats - Devo Cover. 80s Devo Song "Love without anger". Very cool. I think I heard already "Shaggy´s Mr. Lover" and "Gangsta Paradise" from them. They do cover top-40 songs with a touch of polka and ska.
Attaboy - Spirit in your Soul. Slow House.
Soul Vision - Come into my room - Sandy Rivera Mix. House.
Pete Heller - Big Love - Morillo Romero da dronez Mix. House.
Disco Extended Version
Diana Ross - Muscles (Remix).