Napster Homepage November 2000
Action News
Motörhead is in my city tonite - I have a small hole in my left ear so I avoid them. I know a Motörhead-joke: A guy gets close to the loudspeakers and shouts out "louder!". Most early days Motörhead songs are cool and have good breaks (I don´t know the songs after the "Ace of Spades" Album). Motorhead - overkill.
Rok - Silky. House with some electro-touch, which is House-Music at all.
Dee-Jay Punk-Roc
Take what you can get, it´s grade A mix-up.
Etienne de Crecy - Am I wrong. House.
The incredible Bongo Band - Bongo Rock. This is from 1973. Starts exactly like the tune of Impossible Mission and rocks every party.