Napster Homepage October 2000
Abbe is music fresh out the school. It would be to easy to say that they are dumb teenagers, check them out, I heard them first on I think there was a link from to the "worst of the worst at"-page. Most people that I grabbed from there were fresh and cool.
New in Germany is, itīs a clone of I checked it out and grabbed some fine D&B Music. House music was not that much/cool but it is made up very well.
Didnīt found them
I was looking for "Disfunctional relationship", thatīs the a-side of a maxi-single from the Band Consolidated. They made it round 1989. Itīs White Industrial Hip-Hop.
Little Loui Vega
What a pity, I didnīt get it. There are a couple of big House mixes 75-100 Megs. Itīs not easy to get them in whole.