Napster Homepage January 2001
All detectors running for new sounds from Daft Punk. The new Record should be released soon.
Ray Hurley featuring MC T.C. - Ride the storm - I just found this mix of this one. I would like to see a classic-house Version, maybe there is one out there.
Rap Mix
Grandmaster flash & dj food - (in the mix) last night a cliche saved my life.
Boy George - Satans Butterfly Ball Club Mix - House Mix from Boy George.
Mix Sound
Bootsy Collins & Norman Cook - Party (Lickables Club Mix).
Classic House
Energy - Take me higher - Also available as a Club Mix. I heard a sniplet of this in 1998.
Blackout - gotta have hope Ive seen the Video in 1998.
Ofra Haza - found Im Nin Alu C&N Project Remix and Open Your Heart (from the Madonna Album True Blue) sung by Ofra Haza.