Napster Homepage Aug 2001
Schoolly D
Schooly D - Mr. Big Dick
This aint the original "Mr. Big Dick", itīs a Drum&Bass Song with parts of the original Schooly D song.
Their Mid-2001 Hit "Revolving Door" includes some Schooly D drumline.
Schooly D - Skool's Out.mp3
I checked this one long time but then lost my files. Seem to be made in 1996. That one is new for me.
- We got Mohammedia -
Saturday Night two different versions
I didnīt knew about the "Clean Version" 6:18.
Bitch -> Girl
Cock -> Huh-Huh
Bad Bitch -> Fine Baby
Shit -> Peep
Fag -> Fag (forget to censor)
Niggers -> Niggers (forget to censor)
And numerous other non-PG13 rhymes.

The Beef
I joined a Lan-Party inside a Techno Disco lately. That was great and now I like it more than I did before.
Mixoftheweekīs Nr. 133+145 are both jazzy and they impressed me.
138 is a mixture of Reggae with House and Rap.
119 is with some crisp vocal House Music.

DJ Punk Roc
I heard "Blow my Mind" from DJ Punk Roc (aka? DJ Rob-E / Dave London) on local radio and did checked it out. "Get fresh" ends with some shuffle whistles. "Love-a-Club" has some old Electrotracks in it and nice female Voices. .

Asian Underground
Noticed it, no time so far.

Iīve seen an 80s Maroc Movie and the people were addicted by Chaabi Music.

Voices of Life - The Word is Love
This ainīt Whitney Houston. Or is it?
Supakings - Back and forth
Simon - Free at last
With some Donna Summer Rhythm and Martin Luther King.
Art of Noise (Feat Rakim) - Metaforce
One part of Eric B.+Rakim - they got one very good Video from the 80s, "Follow the Leader into his soul".

Linda Clifford - Runaway Love - Disco/Soul - good break - I heard it on a Mix from Tony Humphries.
Beloved - Sweet Harmony (Consolidated Club Mix).mp3
Shelter AV - Shelter - Rock/Soul.
Sister Machine Gun - Autoloader - EBM with some Wah-Wah and Organ.
Enrico Morricone - The Sundown - Out of the Movie "The good, the bad and the ugly"
Herbie Hancock - Ready or Not
The stone roses - Fool's gold - 90s Earworm. Also a good Video.

Fat Beats
Avalanche - Goth bless the Funk
Zapp - More Bounce to the Ounce - Fat song together with a fat bassline and a fat title.
Isley Brothers - Fight the power

Unable to find
Herbie Hancock - You take the honey from the jar
Meat Beat Manifesto - there is one track from the Album called "99", good Video around 1990 - canīt remember the name of that song.
Consolidated - Disfunctional Relationship 1989 Maxi-Single, best Consolidated Hit ever with some Run DMC scratches in it. Also a good Video.