Napster Homepage March 2001
Heres the Napster deal: You search for known phrases, you get nothing.
For example, the search for "Dread Zeppelin" gives you a "not found" error within a second.

If you search for "Zeppelin", you will find hits like:
Dred Zeppelin - Misty Moun1.mp3
Lad Zeppelin - Blak Dog.mp3
LedZ ZeppelinZ - WholeZ LottaZ LoveZ.mp3

If you search for "dread", you get hits like:

Crazytown - be my butterfly, sugar baby
Ear-Worm with a fairy-tale like Video. With cool guitar.

House Mix
Cleptomaniacs - All I do
Remake/Remix of the Stevie Wonder Hit. Releases last year if Im not wrong.
Nicole Willis - curiosity (Jimi Tenor remix)
Heard it on #120
Lyrics of the week: "I just want my life to be full of curiosity"
scanty Sandwich - because of you - fastbox slim mix