The Game itself is not bad. As long as I can see, it looks like Quake, Quake2, HexenII, DN3D and Turok. There is no free version of it, if you want to see it, you got to have to buy it.
Kill Kill Kill
  • You can zoom with the rifle gun
  • Deathmatch against reaperbots included
  • Plant seeds for a healing fruit
  • The opponents are tricky

    What do you need to play it fluent?
  • Diamond Monster
    (aka 3DFX or Voodoo1/2) 3D accelerator
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 450 MB free diskspace
  • Real fast CPU (200-300 MHz)

    My PPro233, 64 MB, Voodoo1 does about 25 fps at 640x480, with lo-fi sound. You can imagine how it will be running if you possess less than that and want to play with best sound quality.

    Unreal Tournament Screenshots (10/99)