Zwei glorreiche Halunken Murder
Armed robbery of citizens, banks, and post offices
Arson in a state prison
Theft of sacred objects
Enciting prostitution
Receiving stolen goods
Selling stolen goods
Passing counterfeit money
Using marked cards
Assaulting a justice of the peace
Raping a virgin of the white race
Statutory rape with a member of the black race
… and other crimes too numerous to mention

This is out of the western movie "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
YouŽll find that list somewhere on the Sergio Leone Tribute Page

It is still very interesting to see Tuco (Ely Wallach) as "the ugly" character. Lee van Clief died in 1999, he was the perfect actor to play Sentenza (Angel Eyes), "the bad" character. Clint Eastwood "the good" played the angel and you know it, there are no angels on earth, therefore he has no name in that movie.

on fire like Tuco (150k, au)
cool like Sentenza (500k, wav)