legal name: Mahmut Kursun
age verification: 39
standard occupation: CD-Editor 8/2001
known hobbies: Quake3
vehicle: bicycle
private mail path: mk (uhh)

Here is a photo of a former co-worker and office
cook Nr. 1 Andy and me recorded on a Webcam:
A. Z.und Mahmut Kursun
vital stuff according to
Stat Value
Name:Mahmut Kursun
Job title:CD-Editor (like the discs)
Shoe size:7.5
Favourite lego brick:Rayshade
Favorite cartoon:Southpark
Least favorite cartoon:likes them all
Animal you would most like to see extinct:Jellyfish
Favourite ascii character:;
Favourite option to ps:aux
Favourite editor:Robert Sheckley
Favourite regular expression:\W
Favourite volume:not too loud
Grating size needed for refraction:retraction*1.5
first creature you genocide in "nethack":never ever played it
Most expensive book you own:The Neufert - A big architecture How-To (bought for about 80 USD, sold for about 50 USD)
Answer phone message:I hate these devices. If I would possess one, I would plug it off or put 30 seconds of House music on it
Least favourite piece of music:The Pogues
Least favourite Star Wars character:Hubba the Hut - but good background music when he is on the screen