colorblob (metaball) pics from the computergraphics artist:

Yoichiro Kawaguchi
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finalist of the L'Oreal computergraphics competition 1997

Here is a short animation sequence out of a video that Yoichiro Kawaguchi presented 1991 (?) at the Ars Electronica Computer Animation competition in Austria.

Ive taken it away from the Ars Electronica Web Page - so I guess this is pretty crime on the cyberhighway - but anyway, the file is about 930k/10 sec:

note: Apple Quicktime Plugin needed.

Action News 9/99
If you check out, there are 2 new Video/DVD compilations with animation sequences on them, the bad thing is, the people that rated these were slightly disappointed by the accompanying work of Yoichiro Kawaguchi.