it´s the Blue Moon Rendering Tools, a shareware Pixar Renderman clone. It has pros and cons but you can have it for free under the shareware restrictions and it works well.

I was able to check it out a couple of years ago with Linux+X, now it´s available for Win95/NT. I picked up an early Win95 Version and was not able to get it running. Now I gave it another try and get the new Beta Version 3.2.6 and it worked out of the box.

What can I say about it:
  • Fast preview, it does show simple animations almost real-time fluently
  • Radiosity effects for full quality pics, these are slow
  • I was able to compile shaders that were made for Pixar Renderman
  • eats lots(!) of RAM if you run a couple of rendrib -d 16's simultaneously
  • A couple of Editors are out there, that export *.rib Format

    News: (Feb. 1998)
    There is a BMRT Speed Test going on. I do not have the Webaddress at the hand but my overclocked PPro233/64MB/Win95 and BMRT 2.3.6 needs approximate 75 Minutes. It's a piston with radiosity-like shadows/light, rendered at 320x240:

    News: (March 1999)
    I read the Renderman Newsgroup for a couple of days:
    You can call Larry Gritz Dr. now. How did that happen?
    People say BMRT 2.4b is extraordinaire optimized on Win95 compared with 2.3.6. The piston is done twice as fast. 90k, RIB

    Rhino 3D:

    Here's the first pic that I made with Rhino. It takes only a couple of minutes to install and "learn" the basics of rhino. It is exported to *.rib and rendered with BMRT. I read a webpage about calling BMRT out of Rhino but I prefer to edit the *.rib file by hand and to have a preview first and then start rendrib.

    [eine8.rib] eine8.rib PRMAN Format 8k
    [] eine8.3dm Rhino3D Format 67k

    By the way, Rhino also exports VRML1 [tucovr.wrl.gz]
    and VRML2 [tucovr2.wrl.gz]
    (50k compressed, plain 170k)

    The Renderer that is included within Rhino is not bad. (*.3dm) (*.3dm)

    Check out some BMRT/Renderman links at Tuco´s Searchengine.